Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to Stay Single

First off, where did I go? It started off that I was going through some shit that I didn't want to write about, and then I lost my motivation to write. I went "blah". I had a few post ideas, but didn't feel they were publishable. Basically I went into my little closet and shut the door. Anyway, here's something that came to me the other day.

I've always been aware of the fact that I'm very single. But I have a horrible sense of time passing. So the other day when I realized that I've been single for 3 1/2 years, I was slightly shocked. It was an "oh....." moment (not to be confused with an "aha moment").

I'm sometimes asked, "How are you still single?" - in a flattering way. But those who know me best, know why. They're the ones that say "THAT'S how you're still single". They're the ones that politely suggest that maybe I should lower my standards. (Never!)

So here's a list. Well, my list. If you'd like to stay single, follow the list. And the white rabbit.

  • Be strong-minded
  • Be bold
  • Be sarcastic
  • Be disgusting
  • Be crass
  • Sit with your legs open
  • Be witty
  • Know your shit
  • Pick your nose
  • Tell really bad jokes and/or stories
  • Become a Flames fan (I believe this is directly related, most men have no taste in hockey)
  • Cry spontaneously, in front of a guy
  • Have a big mouth - WITH WORDS people, with words
  • Snort when you laugh, and laugh really loud
  • Lean over when you fart
  • Be suspicious of any male that talks to you
  • And if he shows signs of flirting, raise your hackles
  • Win at flip cup
  • Start a clown collection (I haven't.. yet)
  • Start a cat collection (of live cats..) (also something I haven't done yet) (live or stuffed)
  • Be loud
Don't worry, you can have a backup plan. Mine is to move in with my home girl, and get the sperm of our gay friends. True story. At her birthday the other night I was talking to a young fellow, very good looking, unfortunately I'm not his type, unless I grow a penis... Anywho, after marvelling at his good looks and his smarts, here is how I introduced myself  "Hi my name is Alex, you might be my sperm donor one day". He agreed. Score! Oh, and we're going to use the sperm for artificial insemination. Not anything weird like face cream or anything.

Also, side note, there are only 35 sperm donors left in Canada. CRAZY right? Side side note, in a "Baby Animals" book that my little 2 year old cousin was looking at, I pointed to the tadpoles and said, "Look! Sperm!". Ya gotta teach the kids young these days. Or confuse them young.

Soo I hope you enjoyed my little ditty. I apologize again for being MIA.. I'll try to write more than once a month (and a half)... 

You should also take pictures like this...