Saturday, November 13, 2010

Strugglesaurus qualities 2

This is going to be an ongoing list. Late at night when I'm in bed I get out my and start typing away more qualities that a strugglesaurus possesses. Or I'll slip while walking and almost bail and then open up my list and add to it. I almost bailed about 6 or 7 times on last week, wearing 2 different types of boots. The only thing I can blame was a leaf, and that was once.
So anyway, here's some more qualities that you may see in yourself, and as Bill Engvall would say "Here's your sign".
  • You either snort/choke/spew while laughing, more often than not. Snorting is my favourite.
  • Technology hates you. Probably because of how many times you've lost/broken your cell phone/camera/laptop. I've had at least 9 phones and 4-5 cameras. Damn you Red bull!!
  • You've woken up with gum in your hair. And spent over an hour using cooking oil to get it out.
  • You've mooned a room or 2 or 3 full of people because your dress is tucked in your underoos.
  • You've mooned and/or flashed the world because the wind caught your dress and your hands were full. 
  • You've choked on your saliva. It's embarrassing when someone asks if you're ok because it's been 5 minutes since your last breath and you have to tell them yes, you're just choking on your saliva.
  • You have a drinking problem. A sober drinking problem. Turns out the whole cup-to-mouth movement is harder than it looks. A day without spilling on your shirt is considered a victory.
  • You have your own dictionary of words you've created, which is cool. Until you forget what the real word is when talking to someone. Lucky me, my fave non-word is penii and doesn't come up in conversation too often.
That's all I have for now friends. But don't worry, the weekend is coming up and I'm pretty positive I'll be able to come up with more.


Johnny Utah said...

You're lucky you're pretty because that goofiness just comes of as charming. If you were an ugmo, those traits would be annoying.

Peter said...

I totally have a new non-word you will love. It's on my Random Tuesday post. hint: it involves nipples. get excited.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the one when you were in the motorboat with two good but platonic male friends and your bikini top had flipped up unbeknown to you while you merrily skipped across the waves at full tilt. You were as excited as they were but for the wrong reason....... you just like fast boys, I mean boats. Surprisingly, neither one pointed out your wardrobe malfunction!

laurenne said...

Umm.... I think you have to add something about eating rabbit poo on here.
It's kind of a must.
Also, I have the same drinking problem! I always insist on straws.

Anonymous said...

Everything about you is awful.