Thursday, January 15, 2015

Day 4: All the Chicken Buses

Before I came to Guatemala I was warned about the chicken buses - they are school buses that have been painted in bright coliurs and blast music, and it's common to have 3 people per seat. Muy squishy. They are super cheap and people pile in and can be daunting if you're not prepared for them to hurdle down the streets. But that's Guatemala, and it is actually a great ride. Which is great because to get to and from Vida, where I'm volunteering, it takes about 30-50 minutes each way. Luckily I have Meg with me each way so I'm not alone.

Here is a break down of my day each day:
7:00 AM: breakfast is served!
9:00 - 11 AM: Spanish class.
11:15 AM: head to Maximo Nivel (the volunteer HQ) to find other people for lunch
1:00 PM: head to the bus station
2:00-5:ish PM: volunteer with some of the cutest kids at Vida. There is quite the language barrier still, but I play a lot with the kids in the yard, and try my best to help them with their crafts and anything else they need.
6:00 PM: dinner is served and I am always late!
The rest of the evening is Spanish homework and often meeting up with other volunteers for a drink. EVERY night is ladies night at different bars. I've done 2 so far and I danced my butt off last night!

I have met some truly amazing people this week. From the other volunteers to Olga, my house mom, to the people at Vida to the locals, it has been great so far and everybody welcomes you into their life.

This weekend I am going to a place called Semuc Champey. There are waterfalls and hiking and caves and swimming and it all just sounds amazing. It is a 10 hour bus ride each way but I've been told it is worth it. !!!!

That's all I have for today, Mr. Moose lost an antler. On day 1 I think. I'm pretty sad, not gonna lie. Don't worry though, I won't let it ruin my trip.

Hasta luego!

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Stephanie McGillivray said...

Sounds lovely! That's right, I'll read all posts within 5 mins. Glad you're meeting awesome people ... Public transit is the only way!