Monday, January 5, 2015

Going On An Adventure

In 6 very short days I will be heading to Guatemala where I will begin the, er, beginning of a once in a lifetime trip.

I have so many feelings coursing through me right now, hence the insomniac post I am about to write. I am excited, nervous, scared, anxious, impatient, and a million other things. I'm not ready and yet I want to be on the plane already.

First off, I will be volunteering in Guatemala with children for 3 weeks. A month ago I held a fundraiser to help offset some of the volunteering costs and to raise money for the community. They have asked me to wait until I get down there to give them the money and see if I'd like to put it towards any projects I become involved in. In total I was able to raise $1200 and I am pretty proud of that.

Unless I stay longer to volunteer, after I'm done I will be looking for other backpackers to start my travel with. While I know I won't want to stay with the same group the entire time, I want to travel with people, partly for the experience and partly for safety. I'll be heading south from Guatemala and hitting up as many countries in Central America as I can: El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama. Then I'll head down to South America to tour Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Chile. That's the plan, but I know things change and that's part of what I look forward to.

Honestly I can't wait to get started on this journey and I will definitely be updating my blog. Finally, a reason to write again. I can't wait to take you all with me.


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PorkStar said...

Oh wow very nice!! I'm sure you'll enjoy it there!

A friend is traveling through Central America as well and she'll be headed to S.A within the next few months.

Also, if i had any idea who you were, I'd recommend people to show you around in Colombia. I have lots of family and friends there.

Enjoy your trip.