Monday, October 25, 2010

Ear muffs! "Bad words" will be used

Do you remember when you first used a "bad word"? Well I don't remember the first time I swore, but I do remember the first time I got caught. Dad, this one's for you!

To start off, let me tell you about the first couple of times I swore. The first "bad word" was shit. Not such a bad word, right? Well how about using it in a public place... when you're a toddler..? And using it correctly? Oops! Now, I'm not a parent myself, but I can imagine the difficulty in biting your tongue when you drop something on your foot or forget your wallet on the roof of the car. I'm surprised my first word wasn't 'shit'! (No offense mom and dad, I just have an affinity towards the word.) So, enter cute family of 3 into family restaurant. It's one of the new parents' favourite restaurant. At 2 this little girl still wasn't much good at walking and incidentally tripped. "SHIT!" Heads turned, mouths dropped, and my parents probably went through every word they ever said in my presence. Sorry friends, but my parents still were not able to censor all of their curse words. Next stop: another restaurant. Next curse? JESUS CHRIST! This time nobody tripped. I just felt the need to yell "JESUS CHRIST!" repeatedly in yet another restaurant that my parents would be too embarrassed to take me back to.

Fast forward 10 years (ish) to elementary school. My dad helped out with our computer class and so was in the school quite a bit. When you're an adolescent you tend to (or at least I did) swear without necessary cause. So walking by a classroom during break I used the word "SHIT!" pretty loudly and then skidded to a stop as I saw my dad staring at me from the classroom. Oops? I probably swore again as I realized that I was caught. My dad still hasn't let me off the hook for that one. Aw, shit.

Shit's still my favourite word, seems appropriate, non?

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes... the dotta that cursed. Now where did she pick that up from ? :)