Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm a model you know what I mean

Ok, I am NOT a model. But that's an excellent song. "I'm gonna do my little thing on the catwalk, oh the catwalk!" This little story starts with an awkward 12 year old girl who just wanted to learn how to sew. Luckily for her, there was a sewing class being run in her neighbourhood. She made all sorts of really cool (read: SO UGLY) things. Like a corduroy jumper, flannel nightie, and a velvet skirt. Why? It's ok, she still asks herself this, especially the velvet skirt, velvet is not beginner sewer friendly. She totally rocked that skirt at someone's birthday later that month, they were so jealous. Anyway, the last week her sewing teacher had a "great surprise" for the students. Oh yes, they were going to have a fashion show and model what they made. Fun, right? No. Not fun. The poor girl was so nervous and had zero desire to walk in front of people she didn't know, wearing the ugliest shit ever. She was still very very shy. Someone kind brought timbits for the unfortunate "models" and so the girl decided that since she hadn't eaten in a few hours, she should probably eat something. Right before she walked out in front of all those strangers she popped a whole one in her mouth. And choked. In front of everybody. And a photographer from the local paper caught it and it was put in the paper. YAY! So mortifying.. Good news people, this was before newspapers had online archives.
There is a happy ending though. The girl got over this horrific event and actually outgrew her shyness. She enjoys doing fashion shows for friends and fundraisers and hasn't fallen off any stages or walked out with her outfit on backwards or anything embarrassing like that. Miracle, right? Especially since she's a strugglesaurus offstage.
The inspiration behind this story is that I did a mini-fashion show tonight because a friend launched a dress line and needed some "models" to show off her line. It went off without a hitch! Everybody loved the line and nobody tripped or choked on food! Win!

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